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Trails around Bogus Basin Ski Resort
  This is the turn to the trailhead coming down bogus basin road. It is about 12 miles up the road. This photo was taken from about halfway into the "big turn". It is possible to park right at the trailhead (pending snow plowing). There is also i nice slow vehicle pull-out twenty meters before the trailhead. There is also a slow vehicle pull-out on the outside of the corner (highlighted with blue) but it is not advised to park because the turn gets icy and people like to slide out. the trailhead is highlighted in the picture with red.
  This is the Trailhead for the entire lower system. This trail goes round a few bends and is normally heavily used so watch ye olde speed and beware of bad snow conditions from overuse. The main trail goes about 3/4 mile and ends at the intersection of the short upper loop. This gets heavily used and the conditions get pretty bad so please pick up ye olde doggi waste. This picture was taken in the early season there is a lot more hardpacked snow now.


Short Loop - Long Loop - Lower Loop - BackSide - Soon to come More!


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